28 November 2010

DJ Neil Armstrong on love jams, fumbling with pantalones & crying to Lionel Richie tunes.

When he's not busy touring the world as a spokesperson for Adidas, DJing at exclusive parties & launches, making ridiculously good mixtapes* & sharing the stage with the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye West, Beyonce & Puff Daddy, nice guy and humble music fan Neil Armstrong is being a good sport and answering the Themes For Young Lovers questions.

*Be sure to check for his love themed mixtape joints - Warmfuzzy (Themes For Young Lovers All-Timer!), Smoove & Bittersweeet

Name - DJ Neil Armstrong

A/S/L - Older than I look/Male/NYC born and raised

Name 3 songs that would be no-brainers to put on a mixtape for that special someone you were trying to woo -

Debarge - I Like It

Lenny Williams - I Love You

Heatwave - Always Forever

You've turned the lights down low, lit the candles and poured the dom perignon, what LP goes on the stereo? Ya know, come to think of it... I don’t really play music when that situation is going on?? I’m too busy fumbling with the pantalones....

What is your fave romantic film of all time? When Harry Met Sally, Or
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

You've just had your heart broken, what's the song or LP that you play to ease the pain and get you through?

Bittersweeet Audio Clip

Or if someone else has -

The Softies - Winter Pageant

What song was/or would be your pick to be played during the first dance at your wedding?

Stevie Wonder - All I do

If you had to pick one artist or group, who’s music do you think has played the biggest part in helping increase the world’s population over the years? Michael Jackson.

and finally What's your fave guilty pleasure/cheesiest love song? I got a bunch of those ...

Journey - Open Arms

Ambrosia - Biggest Part Of Me

REO Speedwagon -I Can’t Fight This Feeling

Lionel Richie - Hello... sniff!

Bonus Vid - A Day In The Life Of Neil

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