19 November 2010

Josie Styles Borrows a Cup Of Brown Sugar From Your Favourite Rapper's Favourite Rapper

I'm going to have a new partner in crime soon at the Themes For Young Lovers HQ.. helping me with content and adding a female touch around the place will be Josie Styles.

When I first approached Josie about helping me out with the blog she started running off at the mouth about all these BIG name artists that she was going to get onboard and at the time I was like 'yeah whatevs'... Well pass me a knife and fork so I can eat my words and make way for the first of hopefully many question sessions that Josie Styles will bring to the table -

Being one of the world's better cunninglinguists, I am not sure how may people would consider Talib Kweli Greene as a 'ladies man' (especially in comparison to his partner in Black Star rhyming, Mos Def). He only ever does one or 2 love joints per album eg Talk to You (lil darlin'), Never Been in Love, Brown Sugar (raw), Hot Thing and then waxes superb lyrical consciousness in his quicksilver-tongued style (sounds a bit porn related to me!) for the most part.

I was first taken by Kwe's sexy croons on "Brown Skin Lady" from the Black Star album. He came correct on that joint, with ill wordplay and vivid imagery, and of course, anyone who makes reference to Tony Rebel's "Fresh Vegetable" wins me over in a jiffy! "Coppertone? Oh you copyright infringement"!!!

Having spent a bit of time in the USA with Kweli, I can tell you folks that he really is a gentleman and has exceptional taste in music. This is reflected in the artists and producers he chooses to work with and the tunes he drops during his DJ sets (every MC wants to be a DJ right?!)

Aside from completing a relentless worldwide touring schedule, running the Blacksmith Music label (along with CEO Corey Smyth), and helping look after his two children, Talib recently 'rekindled' his Reflection Eternal partnership with producer Hi-Tek. In May 2010 they released RPM, the follow up album to the 2000 debut release Train of Thought. There's a 'love' jawn on that in the form of "Midnight Hour" with UK pop darling, Estelle. Peep the video below and check out Kweli's dapper threads, proving himself to be every bit the quintessential ladies man.

Oh, one thing (and I'm sorry ladies) I should have said before, Kweli is technically 'off the market' after marrying his fiance DJ EQUE last year... now for the saixxy time! - Josie Styles

Name 3 songs that would be no-brainers to put on a mixtape for that special someone you were trying to woo -
Can I by Eddie Kendricks
Waiting In Van by Bob Marley
Sometimes by Bilal

You've turned the lights down low, lit the candles and poured the dom perignon, what LP goes on the stereo?

What is your fave romantic film of all time?

Love and Basketball

You've just had your heart broken, what's the song or LP that you play to ease the pain and get you through?

What song was/or would be your pick to be played during the first dance at your wedding?
I Believe (When I Fall In Love) by Stevie Wonder

If you had to pick one artist or group, who’s music do you think has played the biggest part in helping increase the world’s population over the years?

and finally What's your fave guilty pleasure/cheesiest love song?

Loving You by Minnie Ripperton

Over the years Talib himself has layed down some killer themes for young lovers business, here are a few choice picks -

Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek) feat Estelle - Midnight Hour

Talib Kweli - Hot Thing

Black Star (Talib Kweli & Mos Def) - Brown Skin Lady

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