06 April 2011

DJ Magneto - The Ying To Your Yang.

When I first heard DJ Magneto's Sea Panda Spring Time Love Breaks on this here blog, I almost shat my pants! Having dedicated the last 10 years of my life to creating saixy time mixes/selections or hunting those done by others, it's rare to find a mix where you don't have to skip a single track. This is but ONE of the elements of THE perfect saixy time mixand anyone that rinses the Delegation's Oh Honey on a mixtape gets my vote (pants down!)

DJ Magneto aka Manny Roldan is a self-described 'funk enthusiast, soul lover, dubwise master, sampling freak, burger blogger and taco quality control consultant'. To us here at Themes For Young Lovers, he inspires us to dig deep, represents to the fullest and brings the niceness on the regular.

Be it reggae to funk, disco, soul or hip hop and (sometimes) dodgy 80s cheese thrown in (Kenny Loggins... really?!) we LOVE DJ Magneto. Dude knows his tunes, his mixes are on some needle-eye pum pum shit, and not to mention he's down with DJ Day another TFYL fave who, apart from being a mad producer these days, formed one of the illest DJ crews in the mid 90s: The Innernational Crew with DJ RipOne (who else out there wore the shit out of the actual cassette mixtape 'Rippin Shit Up'?)

Aside from 'helping to keep Portlandia weird'. working, producing, getting married and other thangs life-related, DJ Magneto has held down a residency at the weekly First Friday Super Jam night at the Goodfoot Lounge in Portland which just had it's 10 year anniversary in March! Stellar effort son!

We're working on bringing him to Australia, but watch this space for DJ Magneto's next contribution in helping to increase the world's population: Sea Gator Nuptial Breaks Part 2 but until then peep his special Valentine's Day reggae/lover's rock mix By The Power Vested In Me & Sea Koala Heart Breaks and read on as Magneto lays down some answers to the good ol' Themes For Young Lovers questions - Josie Styles

Name - My name is Manny Roldan also known as my given name 'DJ Magneto' the evil villain sent to earth to make things fun, stylee, big, nice & heavy.

Location - A Mexican guy living in Santa Barbara CA. for the past 7 years but I consider Portland OR. my home.

Name 3 songs that would be no-brainers to put on a mixtape for that special someone you were trying to woo - Trying to woo someone... hmmm. Well the first mix I did for my now wife woo'd her so I'm going to talk about tracks in it. It wasn't a blended DJ style mix, it was a disc with tunes on it that I entitled 'Possibly Maybe'. I made the mix a few months into our courtship so I was already hooked, actually it's safe to say WE were already hooked. The tracks that I felt told my wooing story the best were - Gwen Guthrie '7th Heaven', MJ's 'I Can't Help It' and Minnie Ripperton 'Here We Go' as they set my intention for us and my actions. I guess when the songs played they really did all the wooing. Not too fast, not too strong. not too direct and with a high note of fun and possibilities. The track on there that was the most woo'ey was Leroy Hutson 'Lucky Fellow' I think it spoke of confidence in my commitment to feeling good together (gotta thank DJ Day for that album)

You've turned the lights down low, lit the candles and poured the Dom Perignon, what LP goes on the stereo? When the lights go low, the candles are lit, the Dom's on ice and the thermostat is set, Sade Lover's Rock is usually what's on. Don't know what it is about the melancholic key that does it? Maybe it's because I remember that I'm on the up at that moment.

What is your fave romantic film of all time? I just saw THX 1138 for the second time and that's quite the (tragic) love story with lots of context to current life so i'll go with that. They found out that love was what they needed. LUH 3417 and THX 1138 didn't need blue or red pills, nor God's advice to work hard and increase productivity, they just needed a bit of the chemicals each other's presence provided. So my advice to all young lovers out there is: enjoy the simple things in life, like love before our society gets to the point like in the aforementioned movie.

You've just had your heart broken, what's the song that you play to ease the pain and get you through? After a heartbreak I would recommend a high dosage of Bill LaBounty's 'Livin' It Up' or 'Lettin' Go' by Janelle Monae, because that will lift your spirits. But if you really wanna remember the good and bad about the loves past, I recommend you play 'Sea Koala Heart Breaks part 2' and put it on repeat.

What song was played during the first dance at your wedding? The song I played for my wife at our wedding was Boris Gardiner's reggae cover of 'You Make Me Feel Brand New'. It really just tells it like it is and I like how it sounds better than the original Stylistic's track. The song she played for me was Roberta Flack's 'The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face' both songs were the inspiration for making my last mix 'By The Power Vested In Me'

Who do you think has played the biggest part in helping increase the world's population over the years? I think that Stevie Wonder is responsible for lots of setting up the mood for some baby making time!! It's fun and talks of serious love and nice things.

and finally, What's your fave guilty pleasure/cheesiest love song? Cheddar makes it better! I have a high tolerance for cheese so I don't mind riding into the danger zone with my bwoy Kenny Loggins, I Believe In Love, What a Fool Believes etc. I love dropping these right before The Goodfoot (club) closes down, you know it might be the ultimate ice breaker or tipping point if you are trying to go home with that person you've been dancing with. Plus Kenny lives where I live so i'm going to see if I can get a shoutout for my next mixtape. Haha!

Any parting words? I'd like to thank all the people who take things very seriously, you are my yang and make things much nicer for me and people like me... love and respect - DJ Magneto

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  1. this man i love and this man is my one!! I love you Manny and I know all these songs will always be ours!!